Who Wears Flowers at the Wedding

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Weddings are an essential event in life, one which many ladies start having dreams about well before they’ve found an ideal partner. Regardless if you are the intended bride or helping a beloved family member or friend plan their nuptials, knowing who wears flowers at wedding ceremonies will help you select which corsages and boutonnieres you need to order.

Remember that these are suggestions, and you may choose as many or as few recipients as you wish. Something more important, including family composition and budget, could affect the ultimate decisions. For example, when the bride’s mother receives a corsage then so would the groom’s mother. You definitely don’t wish to have in-fighting at the big day!

Who Wears Flowers at Wedding?

The bride to be will require 1 to 3 different arrangements for the wedding day. The most crucial will be the bouquet which she walks down the aisle with. A smaller second one is utilized for the tossing bouquet event during the reception. Depending on her hair and veil choices, a floral crown or perhaps a few simple flowers could be utilized to complete the design.


Each of the bridesmaids will require bouquets, such as the maid of honor whose job is always to help support the bride to be and be sure that every one of the women within the wedding party are ready once the day arrives. Some brides elect to modify the arrangement for the maid of honor to differentiate her from the others.

who wears flowers at weddingFlower Girls

If the flower girl is planned for your event, she’s going to require either a bouquet, crown or a basket of petals to toss as she walks down the aisle. The mothers of the groom and bride are usually given a corsage to put on or a nosegay to hold. The size, style and value of the two needs to be equal.

Other Women in the Family

You could also choose to honor other women in the family who aren’t directly active in the wedding day party. Keep your distribution equal, which means that if the groom’s sister receives flowers that the bride’s sister should also.

Men in the Family

Several males are also on your list for who wears flowers at wedding you’re planning. The groom as well as the groomsmen require boutonnieres. Additionally, the ring bearer will need to have a smaller boutonniere to make certain visual continuity for the wedding ceremony.

Just like the mothers are honored with a nosegay or corsage, and so the fathers should be with boutonnieres. You could also elect to supply the officiant and ushers using the gender-appropriate floral piece for his or her role.


Grandparents and great-grandparents who’s able to attend the ceremony also need to be honored. For couples with one or more step-parent, things can occasionally get a little sticky. Sometimes the biological parents are offended if their exes new partner is included while some accept it. Decide for yourself how you can answer this dilemma.

Planning for a wedding includes deciding on the perfect flowers for the men and women involved. However, you do not need to include everyone mentioned here, this informative guide will help you determine who will flowers at your special wedding day!