Best Wedding Reception Decoration Supplies

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Wondering which wedding reception decoration supplies to buy? There are themed selections of reception decoration supplies in local stores and online retail markets. The supplies can be personalized and they are affordable.

The expanded assortment of reception decoration supplies includes tableware, table centerpieces, candy buffet, drink ware, napkins, gorgeous lighting, cake table and toppers, decorative fabric, photo booth or wall backdrops, floral arrangements and handmade items.

Some of the “Do it yourself” reception decorations that would work out very well are:

  • Gold dipped balloons

The golden color can make anything in the reception look glamorous. Think of the gold linen for tables and gold coated glasses.

  • Leaf Arrangement

Why not give a green touch to your reception decorations? You could use a calligrapher to display menus on large leafs.

  • Napkins

You can buy plain or white napkins in bulk and then add your flair. For a rustic nature inspired look, add natural things like herbs and pinecones.

Here are some tips on choosing your wedding reception décor supplies:

  • Consider the overall wedding theme. Are you having a low key wedding in the beach? For your wedding decoration design ideas, you might use tropical flowers, water pearls, crystal fibers, floating bowls of flowers, submersible lights and sea shells in your reception décor. A vintage wedding theme needs glamorous wedding decoration items such as lace table covers, lilies, vase lights, marbles and orchids.

Match your wedding reception decoration with your wedding colors. Adding complementary colors is a nice bit and a fun way of making the whole color theme complete. For instance, if your colors are black and red, you might have the red flowers tied with a black ribbon and then add the touch of another color like white or yellow for a more pop style.

Use wedding decor supplies to hide problems:

  • Is there anything that needs to be concealed? Is there a hole in the wall or an unfinished floor? Your reception décor can help cover up the mess. You may hang picture frames on the wall.

Don’t clash with your decor:

  • Does the reception décor look well with your wedding dress and the bridal party? Think about it. If you cannot figure it yourself, you may get the help of a professional.


How to control your wedding reception decorations expenses:

  • Do you want a cheap wedding? Define your budget before you begin your gold hunt. Reception decoration supplies range in different selections that cater for any budget.
  • Do not waste your time on any item that exceeds your budget. If the local store is too expensive, just walk away and look for another alternative like online retail stores.
  • The online marketplaces have affordable assortments for wedding reception decoration design items. Narrow down your search by visiting some of the best retail sites like MyWeddingFavors, Amazon and eBay. You will not be disappointed.

Let you personality shine through:

  • You need to focus on the décor that fits your personality and lifestyle. This way, you will not go overboard on your budget. Why subscribe to a notion of what your wedding reception décor “should” be. If you are not a champagne person, there is no rule that you have to get it.

Every couple that gets married says vows, dresses colorfully and walks down the aisle. However, the decorations give them a chance to turn the whole wedding into a unique and memorable event that absolutely reflects their personalities. How do you feel about the choices you made for your wedding reception decoration supplies? You surely want to make your wedding reception glamorous!