Wedding Decoration Places

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Thinking of the wedding decoration places to pay attention to in your big day planner? The most common wedding decoration places are the venue entrance, hall way, hall walls, ceilings and the reception in the case of indoor wedding. For an outdoor wedding, decoration places are usually the entrance and the reception. In a nutshell, the wedding reception carries the day. The look of the reception décor makes a wedding theme and style complete. It shows the personal traits of the couple and this is what creates the wedding atmosphere. It creates memories.

What is the wedding venue? If you have a sumptuous country venue, you cannot overdo the decorations. It already has it original greenery décor. Bunting will not add on the grandeur of the original décor. Historic and regal portraits, ceiling to floor curtains and chandeliers speak for themselves. Let the original decoration create the atmosphere and avert that deep attention to the reception tables with flowers in porcelain pots and glinting glasses, table wear, table linen and tablescaping polished to utter perfection.

A classy chair arrangement will accent your flower décor along with the overall wedding colors. When booking your wedding venue, be sure to check what table wear and decoration is included in your package.

Wedding decoration places for a large hall:

A large hall can offer photography advantage, especially when the available space is a castle, palace or a historic country house. How would you go overboard with your creative style in such a large space? One of the budget friendly option and easiest to work with in a large wedding space is floral arrangements. Do not be limited to floral flourishes however.

For a large wedding hall, the key areas to pay attention to would be:

  • -Entrance

Make a lasting impression. Some of the decorative touches you can use for the front door are stylish lanterns on the trees outdoors and flowers.

  • -Hallway

The hallway leading to the reception is usually overlooked during decoration. It can be a great wedding decoration place to enhance the style and theme of the wedding. Trellises and greenery garland are very stunning add-ons to the hallway.

  • -Ceiling

Make your guests look up all time. Ceiling is a focal point for any indoor wedding. The easy way to cover the ceiling is using draped fabric alongside elegant lighting such as hanging lighting. If you pair up lights and sheer dark fabric, you will end up creating a great, romantic display resembling a night sky.

  • -Floor

A large hall means that a lot of the floor space will be left exposed. Do not ignore this. You need to cover those old school carpet patterns on your wedding hall floor. Most likely you will have tables in the reception area, so you will need to cover only enough portion of the floor to hide the bad looking carpet. Majority of the chairs and tables will do the rest for you.

  • -Reception

You need to be very creative when working on your reception. Find a selection of well designed tables and sash chairs. Give them a makeover. You can use linen and runners for tables and fabric covers for chairs, may be white, black or colorful. Use fitting fabrics that match the wedding colors. Adding pops of colors can come in handy too.

Set the reception mood with warm lights bouncing of the wedding hall walls. Lights will enhance your wedding style and theme. Create height on the reception tables with table lamps. This can work out great especially when surrounded by greenery.

Pay attention to these and more wedding decoration places and your wedding will be a memorable experience.