Unique Wedding Decoration Packages

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The puzzle of choosing the right wedding decoration packages has become a thing of the past. Couples are nowadays more creative in discerning the best wedding decoration design ideas. Do you want a reception design that is personalized, memorable and unique? Of course you do!

Before you make a decision on the type of decorations you want, you need to determine the color theme or scheme for your wedding. Is it a winter wonderland wedding theme, beach theme, vintage reception style or a pink scheme? There are wedding decoration design ideas and items that can complement your choice.

Want a cheap wedding? The wedding decoration packages you choose should stick within your budget. Are you on a tight budget? Well, it would be wise to use one type of decoration such as table centerpieces or venue lighting. Make sure that one package makes an impact.

The style of your wedding hall or venue will greatly influence your decorations. Are you renting a decorated room? You should keep it simple with your decorations but if you plan on using a plain room, then you can actually go as overboard as you wish on your wedding decoration packages.

What to incorporate into the decoration scheme: 

  • Chair and table covers
  • Elegant lighting: Candles add to the wedding décor in the most exciting way. Think of tea lights and towering candelabras. They come in many colors and this is an impressive way to add on romance and really subtle scents to the reception. You could also use lanterns. Good fits for a wedding ceremony include the Chinese paper lanterns and traditional metal lanterns. They create a ‘do-it-yourself’ backdrop.
  • Table plans
  • Wedding cake
  • Table Centerpieces
  • Flowers: Wondering how to use the flowers? Ordering flower arrangements that you can use on the reception tables and in the hall way is an effective way to spend your dollars.
  • Table linen: Jewels such as crystal beads are becoming more popular in decoration. They can be added to bombonieres, table linen and table centerpieces.

Some of the contemporary wedding decoration packages include:

  • Decorative Birdcages
  • Balloons usually metallic
  • Patterned and colorful fabric
  • Sparkling jewelry
  • Indoor or topiary trees that are decorated with lights and ornaments, reflecting your wedding style. Lately, unusual trends in wedding decorations have cropped up and their impact on the wedding glamour is just so impressive. An example is the use of outdoor furniture like wrought tables made of iron and benches in indoor venues. Projecting wallpapers onto plain walls or the inside of a room or marquee is another nice trend.

Looking for exposure to ‘Do It Yourself’ or handmade wedding decoration packages? This is the best option for a couple seeking to cut on their budget. It could also work very well for a more natural and personalized theme that expresses the couple’s true self; their personality traits, likes and dislikes. Think of seats and benches made from hay. What could be more beautiful than this for your country theme wedding?

Develop a creative wedding decoration package and make your marriage ceremony a lasting memory.
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