Simple Wedding Hall Decorations

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Finding stunning yet simple wedding hall decoration ideas has been a common problem for most ‘to be’ brides. This should not be the case though. There are actually many rustic wedding decoration design ideas to make that reception an ever lingering memory. Are you ready to style up your soiree? What is your venue contract?

Well, depending on the venue contract, there may be restrictions when it comes to choosing the type of wedding décor you put in place or even the alterations you can make to the hall space. For instance, a historic or museum like venue for your wedding will probably not work out with the much needed alterations. Think of wedding decoration items such as spray paintings, nails and hangers for signage, historic portraits and exquisite chandeliers.

Here are some tips for wedding hall decorations that are need low maintenance but make a big impression:

  • Create a family photo wall

Are you looking for a conversation starter? Make a wall of family photos. You may devote a space for your partner’s family and the rest for yours or even mix them up. This is the best conversation starter.  The best part in this case is that you can make and showcase a projection of your future family tree.  Utterly fun this is!

  • Draping the ceilings

A little fabric can do great. Just keep it elegant and formal with white fabric. If you want more glamour, use the help of bright colors like yellow and pink. This approach will give your wedding reception a decked out look.

  • Hang flowers

Flowers are not just for the tables. Think about the natural twist that flowers can bring in your hall decoration. You really need to create a more intimate space. This could use the help of suspending flowers a few feet above the dinner tables. This lush arrangement comes in handy if you are not fond of your reception’s carpeting.  Keep the guests looking up!

  • Table lamps

Do you want to create height on your reception tables? Table lamps can work out very well. You can actually skip the use of flowers on the tables. However, surrounding the table lamps with greenery is a simple way to cover the cords.

  • Hang Paper Lanterns

Picture-out the impression of suspended balloons in a rather still life. Paper lanterns are a romantic symbol of letting go of the past and moving on to the future. Hanging a ton of lantern papers in your wedding hall will be a reminder of your lifetime commitment as husband and wife.

  • Elegant Lighting

The whole idea of mood lighting is just amazing. The combination of dramatic laser lighting, luxe fabric, tea lights and tall taper candles is formidable. It turns your wedding hall space into a magnificent dancing scene.

  • Barn Chic

Utilize you impressive barn ceiling by hanging medieval chandeliers and wooden wreaths. If you need a more romantic view, just get some heart shaped wooden wreaths. They blend well to the wooden venue.

Voila! Use these simple wedding hall decorations and take your ceremony a notch higher.