Top Tips For Sending Wedding Invitations

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These days, just about anything goes when selecting, designing and creating the perfect wedding invitation. Whether you choose an entirely formal invitation, a totally relaxed vibe or to personally write out each invitation by hand, there are some facts and information that simply must be included before sending wedding invitations.

Follow these top wedding invitation tips to ensure that they reflect you, your special day and a celebration of your love.

1. The Wedding Day Information

The following information must be included on your invitation:

– Name or names of the person or people to whom the invite is addressed. It is preferable not to use “+1” on the invite as you could end up with guests who you don’t want at your wedding.
– Names of the bride and the groom. Traditionally, the names of the parents are included.
– Date and time for the ceremony and reception.
– Address for the location of the ceremony and reception.
– R.S.V.P contact details and deadline.
– Any other information that may be pertinent.

2. The Font, Style And Format

As mentioned above, just about anything goes as far as style and design of the invitation. However, it is important to ensure that the font size and style is easy to read. You can have a little fun and add a touch of comedy or humor to the invite. Or you can follow an entirely traditional and formal format.

3. Color, Paper and Print

It is best to use the same colors as the color scheme for your wedding on the invite. This will help guests decide on what to wear and ensure that they aren’t clashing or that they don’t dress in a way that makes them look like part of the wedding party. Expensive, thick paper or cardboard invitations are ideal as they will be more durable. Many people like to keep the invitation as mementos. You can choose between regular ink printing or to have the invitations embossed.

If you are having your invites professionally designed and printed, make sure that you get a proof and a sample and read carefully to ensure that the information is correct. If you are handwriting invites, make sure that you have the necessary time to ensure that the invites are not sent out too late. Invites should always be sent out in one batch so that they arrive on more or less the same day for each of the guests.

4. How To Send The Invites

Ordinarily, invites are sent out via the post. However, snail mail is not always the ideal means for sending wedding invitations to ensure that the invites are delivered. Courier or door-to-door delivery are a good way to ensure that the right person is receiving the invite. You may want to send a follow-up email or text message to ensure that the invites were received. Emailing or texting invites is a big NO!

5. When To Send

It is a good idea to give guests as much time as possible to clear their schedules and R.S.V.P. on time. About 6-8 weeks before the big day is ideal for sending wedding invitations. Remember to add a deadline for responding and try not to entertain late responses. Send reminders a week or a few days before the wedding deadline.

Your wedding invitation is the introduction to the celebration and while it is important to be creative and make your invites as personal as you like, it is just as important to keep in mind the function of an invite. This is of course to provide your guests with the information that they need to attend and allow you to determine how many guests will actually be there on the day.