Just How Much Are Wedding Cakes Usually?

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If you’ve attended more than one wedding, you know that wedding cakes are an integral part of the tradition surrounding the ceremony. If you have a possible wedding of your own coming up, or you might be helping arrange or pay for someone else’s wedding, and yours was a while ago, you might be wondering just how much are wedding cakes usually?

How Much Are Wedding Cakes Usually?

This delicious end to the wedding meal is something that many guests and family members look forward to, as the dessert caps off a day of joy and celebration. Also, to be honest, by this point in the day, many guests might need the sugar rush and sweet taste to get their energy back. From sitting through the ceremony to the festivities and then dancing and gift opening, attending a wedding can actually wear people down. Kids always love dessert. Adults love the special occasion to swear off their diet. Plus dating couples might use the sugar rush to continue their own fun later on.
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Still, how much are weddingcakes usually? There are roughly two ways to price them. The first is by the serving, and the other is for the entire cake. Don’t assume that you’ll get more savings with more servings. As everything still has to be made to order, and usually handcrafted.

National Averages

In 2012, the national average for a wedding cake was $437. It went up to $451 in the following year, and even higher the year after that. The specific area mattered a lot too. Getting married in the Big Apple or Napa Valley? Cakes there might run you triple the national average.

There are fortunately many ways to save on your prices, depending on what options you choose. If you want something trending high with foodies, go for doughnut cakes. Many bakeries have doughnuts for $5 a dozen or less, and if you want to wow guests, go for malasadas, which is a doughnut topped with sugar and cinnamon. Those are typically less than a buck a piece.

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When it comes to embellishing your cake, consider using fresh flowers or even chocolate-covered berries. Picking these options over sugar-paste blossoms might reduce your bill by 40 percent. That’s as sweet as your cake hopefully is!

If you do want a sugar-paste flower, aim to make an impression with larger ones. Intricate bloom designs, such as stephanotis, are what run up the bill given the labor and detail that go into them. Not sure what accents are budget-friendly? Look into peonies or anemones. If you can limit your cake to a single but bold statement sugar-paste flower, then you might cut your bill by half.

Save Money with More Common Flavors

Choose different flavors for different tiers. If you reserve premium flavors for smaller tiers and just use standard flavors on larger ones, then your savings might run from 10 to 20 percent. Also, most, but not all, bakers are going to charge additionally if you go with more than two cake fillings and flavors. Two of each is standard.

Buttercream frostings make cheaper slices that fondant coverings. There’s extra effort that fondant requires in rolling out and application, and it adds a dollar per serving.

The only way to truly know how much are wedding cakes usually is to call around and get quotes. You might have to envision a hypothetical cake specifically when you start getting asked questions. Try to have some idea, even if it’s just a rough count, over how many the cake might have to serve so that cakemakers can come up with numbers. After a few phone calls, you’ll start getting some idea what prices are specifically in your market. From there, your budgeting should be a cakewalk.