Fun And Unique Wedding Catering Ideas

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If you really want to make sure your wedding is an amazing event that all of your friends and loved ones will enjoy, you have to make sure the food at the reception is delicious and plentiful. Nothing can bring the mood down at a wedding faster than a hoard of hungry people that have only the most paltry spread to pick at during the proceedings. It can be difficult to please everyone, but if you at least want to make sure you have a tasty selection that’s sure to help bring the fun, consider the following unique wedding catering ideas:

1 – The Pie Bar

Wedding parties are almost always all about the cake. If you really want to offer something just a bit different, why not make a selection of pies the main event for your desserts instead? (You can always sneak at least one cake into the mix for those with that preference.) You can even work with a local baker to offer the most deliciously unique pies anyone in attendance has likely ever had. If your wedding is a bit traditional otherwise, you can also mirror that by sticking tho the classics such as cherry or apple. Sweet wedding savings

2 – Carnival Food

Here’s one that could possibly be construed as tacky, but if you know your inner circle is the fun loving type then you could definitely get away with it! There’s no denying that one of the most fun experiences you can possibly have with food is walking around a carnival to try all the over the top delights that are essentially an entire cheat day’s worth of calories in just a few bites. You don’t necessarily have to go all out with the likes of fried butter this and that however; a simple selection of funnel cake, pretzels, and donuts will get the point across just fine.

unique wedding catering ideas 23 – Cookies And Milk

Yes, that’s right; next up on the list of unique wedding catering ideas is none other than cookies and milk. It’s one of the first food pairings that most people fall in love with, and it couldn’t possibly be more beautiful in its amazing combination of simplicity and desirability. If you go this route, just be sure to include several different varieties of cookies and milk alike. Much like accounting for any vegetarians or vegans in the crowd, you’ll also need to cater to anyone that might be lactose intolerant. (As it turns out, almond milk is a fine choice.)


4 – Holiday Themes

Finally, don’t be afraid to use any upcoming holidays to your advantage. For example, a wedding in October could benefit greatly from embracing a bit of the Halloween atmosphere. Again, you have to be sure that the crowd you’re serving will be up for it, but this an easy way to make sure your wedding reception is an absolute blast. Just imagine handing out trick-or-treat goody bags of candy as everyone leaves!

With those fun and unique wedding catering ideas under your belt, you should be a bit better prepared to conjure up a wedding party that’s sure to please any crowd. At the very least, it might help you brainstorm some other ideas. A little bit of creativity and “outside the box” thinking really goes a long way. If you can dream it up, then go ahead and go for it! If nothing more, everyone attending will likely be relieved that your wedding wasn’t just another bore-fest with a carbon copy menu from every other reception they’ve attended. Jut have fun with it!