Understanding Different Types of Wedding Dresses

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Whether or not you are a born fashionista, you want to look beautiful on your wedding day. Finding the perfect wedding dress is the challenge of every bride, and one that you can conquer if you go into the process knowing the different types of wedding dresses and what to expect from them. This way, you can avoid ones that won’t flatter your figure or will cause you discomfort.

Different Types of Wedding Dresses

You have multiple choices regarding your wedding dress, beginning with the silhouettes. This will serve as the base for the rest of your choices, including sleeve and neckline styles. Find one flattering to your figure and you will be one step closer to your perfect gown.

Princess Cut Dress

One of the most classic styles, the princess cut curves with the upper body and then flares outward from the natural waist. Vertical seams provide a slimming effect, which can benefit those with wider waists, hips and thighs. The gently flowing gown is flattering to shorter women as well.

Empire Gown

Empire gowns have a higher waistline than the princess, beginning directly beneath the bustline. This dress can lengthen the appearance of your body and place emphasis on the bust of the gown. It also disguises tummy problems.

Mermaid Gown

The mermaid style wedding gown, also called fit-and-flair, is perfect for those with curvy figures. The silhouette hugs the entire body, flaring beneath the knees. This style can also be tailored to add some curves to a boxier body. If you want to minimize the amount of skin you show while still showing off your figure, take advantage of a high, lacy neckline and sleeves.

Trumpet Gown

Trumpet gowns are similar to the mermaid silhouette. However, the more relaxed flare begins at mid-thigh instead of below the knee. More women can wear this gown, including those who appreciate the style of a mermaid silhouette but want more control over the curves.

Whether you choose one of these or a different style of silhouette, you need to make sure that it is going to flatter your figure. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Be Comfortable

One huge mistake many women make is choosing their dressed based on the size they hope to be when the wedding rolls around. If you do this, you will spend the whole time miserable as you try to reshape rather than embrace yourself just as you are. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to improve your health, don’t do so with the intention of fitting into your gown. After all, if you do shed some weight, you can always have the dress taken in a bit before the wedding.

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The different types of wedding dresses are more flattering to certain figures, no matter what weight you are. You will need to take an honest assessment of your body to determine your body type. If you are uncomfortable doing this on your own, have someone else help you with the measurements and interpreting the data. Your dressmaker is the ideal solution, though your bridesmaids are likely to be willing to help.

Pick a Dress You Can Enjoy Your Big Day In

Most women start dreaming about their wedding the first time they hear about a fairy tale princess meeting her beloved prince. If your big day is finally about to arrive, make sure that everything is perfect for the event. Studying the different types of wedding dresses will allow you to choose the one you want. Then, you have more time and energy to focus on the things that really matter, like the honeymoon! And, of course, the rest of your lives together. Plan well, roll with whatever happens, and appreciate the union that you and your beloved have formed!