Creative Wedding Favors Ideas to Consider Using For Your Wedding

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If you’re planning your wedding, you may be trying to figure out what types of creative wedding favors you should have for your guests. The favors are important because they’re a token of appreciation given to the guests who take the time to celebrate your nuptials with you. There are many creative wedding favors ideas you should look into before making the final decision as to which favors you’ll use during your wedding reception.

Wedding Soundtrack Favors

Make a list of some of your favorite songs that will be played during the wedding. Have those songs burned onto discs that your friends and family members can take with them. Wrap these discs with beautiful ribbon to make them look a bit more decorative. Soundtrack favors are a great option because you’re giving your guests something to listen to while they’re at home or even driving in their vehicles.

Your guests will be reminded of the good times they had at the wedding reception while listening to all the great songs on the discs you’ve given them. In a few decades, those discs will be timeless. The songs may no longer be popular and they might not play on the radio anymore, but they’ll still be a great reminder of an amazing moment shared with loved ones. Places like T Carter Music can help with all your music needs.

creative wedding favors ideas popsPrinted Sunglasses

Having a beach wedding or even an outdoor wedding on a sunny day? If so, be prepared to accommodate your guests by supplying them with printed sunglasses as their wedding favors. Choose a style of the sunglasses, have the wedding date and names of the bride and groom printed on the frames, and then put them on display on a table for your guests to see. Let them know they’re free to grab a pair, protect their eyes from the sunlight, and have a great time while enjoying your outdoor wedding.

Guests can save these sunglasses and use them again wherever they go. They may want to wear them when they go outside or they may want to save them as a keepsake to look back on in the future and remember the great time they had at your wedding reception.

Decorative Shot Glasses

Did you know you can take simple shot glasses to the next level and then use them as your wedding party favors? Start by purchasing some clear shot glasses in bulk. Once you’ve got your shot glasses, you’ll need a metallic gold or silver sharpie and letter stencils. Place the letter stencils on the shot glasses to spell out your soon-to-be last name or something else of that nature and then color directly on each shot glass.

You can decorate some of the shot glasses a bit differently. For example, you may want to put the date of your wedding on some of them. You could even add loving phrases and quotes that go with the theme of your wedding. Get creative and make these shot glasses look amazing.

Shot glasses are great creative wedding favors ideas because people often drink alcoholic beverages at these ceremonies. Your guests would be able to save the shot glasses and use them again whenever they want to take a shot of a specific drink. If you don’t want to make hundreds of shot glasses by hand, we recommend checking out MyWeddingFavors for all your favor needs!

Creative Wedding Favors Ideas that Rock

These are a few of the creative wedding favors ideas you should think about trying out for your wedding reception. These favors are quite simple and shouldn’t cost you a lot of money, which is great if you’re trying to work with a specific budget. Make sure you choose the favors you like the most and believe your guests would enjoy receiving the most while they’re at your wedding.